Welcome to Circle Cube Studio

As I graduate the Digital Media program in the Lamar Dodd School of Art at The University Of Georgia, I’m faced with making a portfolio site to contain all/my best work.

This comes as a dilemma to me because as much as I’d love to include all my work, I can’t- and also I feel that most, if not all, of my best work is ahead of me- and who wants to make a site that will be outdated very quickly. I’ve had a personal blog for some time now, and I figured that the blog database approach would solve my issues. Blogs have their own organization so I don’t have to redesign my ‘drawings’ page every time I want to add a drawing to the mix. Plus a blog is dynamic and therefore easy to update, so it’s always fresh. And blogs have themes and templates so changing the whole front end look isn’t like starting from scratch. So rather than make a site with pages and organize a portfolio by content types, I’m using the idea of tags. Many projects I work on become involved in multiple categories or encompass many different ideas simultaneously, or even no ides… I’ll be using tags to let things overlap where they may. A blog also is fluid and evolves over time, I’m just graduating- how do I know what I’ll be focusing on a year from now, or even a few months. And my last, but perhaps most interesting point about blogs, The Blog is the New Resume.

Anyways, welcome to the site. Hope you find it useful. I always enjoyed drawing geometric shapes and combining dimensions with optical illusions. I’ve been drawing these forms I can only call circlecubes so I naturally got excited when I saw that circlecube.com was an available domain… so enter circlecube, welcome to it – A place for all things Evan Mullins.

Feel free to leave any feedback… and I’ll make it easy to get in touch with me through this site!

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