IDI Website Rebuild

We rebuilt this website (with major improvements) from an old broken homegrown CMS to the community built and supported/tested Drupal 7 with multiple custom modules.

Avoxi website

A complete website redesign to go along with the new brand identity. New site built to consolidate full web presence into one  CMS, and incorporates a complex quote generation tool, lead tracking, many html5/css3 and interactive jQuery treats as well as a fully responsive, mobile-friendly layout.

Brand Fever Website

New website built for the marketing agency to go along with the re-brand from The Jones Group. I wanted to simplify the web presence and consolidate a few different places and functions under one umbrella. Site, blog, team, portfolio and careers. It incorporates many social elements like twitter feeds, instagram photos and more for easy sharing. The site is fully responsive and incorporates many uses of CSS3 magic! Fully built in WordPress! THe site also incorporates sortable stackable layouts made possible with isotope.

Sally Kolar Photography

Website design for photographer containing portfolios as galleries, scheduling calendar, blog and interactive contact form.

Fronza Design

Fronza Design wanted a simple but elegant website to feature the best of his portfolio and to offer brochures to potential clients. He loves what he got! An easy to use wordpress site that goes way beyond his old site in usability and ease of maintenance.

Cornerstone Media Group

Set up a new website at Cornerstone Media Group using a CMS and implementing video, portfolio, blog, custom wordpress plugins, dynamic forms and the works!

Soho Style

Ecommerce website built with interactive aspects