AT&T Interactive Infographic – Dawn of IoT

Interactive work to display 20 facts on a timeline detailing the beginnings of the Internet of Things. Built with some complex css 3d transforms to give depth and tying the depth directly to the scroll bar for a new and interesting effect.

Willy Melt

Single page site for holiday app. With some fun animations via javascript and canvas as well as some easter eggs.

Coca-Cola Global Stewardship Website

Stewardship web site built with an app feel. To be added to ipad (the target device) home screen and viewable offline using a cache manifest, but also viewable online in the open web by any other device to achieve maximum reach. Site is used to display articles across many global regions and in different categories. Simple social sharing options as well as a guestbook type page and very printer-friendly site.

A Well Orchestrated Holiday Wish from The Jones Group

Interactive site built to with clients friends and family a holiday full of cheer. Use your keyboard to make The Jones Group carol. Make your own holiday record! Play, share with friends, and save! Facebook integration and very heavy use of html5, css3, animating javascript and more!

Georgia Pacific White Collection

This microsite was built to showcase the new White Collection of products. There is a lot of interactivity integrated into this site. Especially visit the collection, where users can flip through the different products, and the washroom, where users can view the products in proper settings and even see/hear them in motion.

Making Connections Every Day

This Stewardship report built showcasing the relationship between these two companies. We obviously relied heavily on parallax techniques. We applied easing effects to have the elements in each section to ease into place as you approached. Who knew algebra and cubic functions would be so fun!