Pet Deshedding Tools

E-commerce website designed and skinned. They wanted a simple and playful look that was very usable and still lightweight.


Newly designed website for Spillzone. A catalog of products built to give users and the client an easy way to get estimates and quotes.

Fronza Design

Fronza Design wanted a simple but elegant website to feature the best of his portfolio and to offer brochures to potential clients. He loves what he got! An easy to use wordpress site that goes way beyond his old site in usability and ease of maintenance.


Restructuring of existing site with cleaner design elements, more robust information architecture and valid html. Implementing interactive flash elements, video and jquery fun-ness.

Cornerstone Media Group

Set up a new website at Cornerstone Media Group using a CMS and implementing video, portfolio, blog, custom wordpress plugins, dynamic forms and the works!

Federated Payments

Totally new website with better branding, catalog and calls to action – much more user friendly interactions. New site includes dynamic elements and a CMS for easy updates.