testing hide js div

hide it

Show me slowly.

testing the toggle functionality of jQuery

testing fade out. you'll notice that this is set to display:none once the fade is complete.

fade out

testing fade to 0. this fades out just as fadeOut, but it does no make the display none, so the page layout isn't modified, just the visibility of this element.

fade it

See the code here (or view source)

$(document).ready(function() {
	$('.hide_it').click(function(){ $('.to_hide').hide(); });
	$(".show_it").click(function () { $(".to_show").show("slow"); });
	$("#toggle_it").click(function () { $(".to_toggle").toggle(); });
	$('.fade_it').click(function() { $(".to_fade").fadeTo("slow",0); });
	$('.fade_out').click(function() { $(".to_fade_out").fadeOut(); });

	$('.reset_all').click(function() {


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