Relationships between CS and JS

Keeping styles out of scripts helps us code better. Much easier and deliberate coding when the javascript only adds or removes classes and the actual styles are in the css rather than inline.

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Building A Relationship Between CSS & JavaScript | Smashing Coding
This article shows how to open up lines of communication between CSS and JavaScript and lean on the strengths of each language.

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Trying to create a views-block to show content that shares a 'parent' (as…

Trying to create a views-block to show content that shares a 'parent' (as an entity reference) on a content node page, any ideas?

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Views Relationship/Contextual Filter for sibling nodes
I have a content type ‘property’ and a content type ‘park’. I’m using an Entity Reference field in the property to reference a park. The park is essentially a parent or neighborhood or that contains t…

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Spinning Puzzels from Satellite Imagery

An app which creates spinning circular puzzles from the abstract landscape imagery from our satellites.

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Oko: An iPad App That Turns Satellite Photos Into Spinning Puzzles
I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds jigsaw puzzles totally maddening. It seems pretty clear that they’re a holdover from an era when the mean attention span could be measured in minutes, not se…

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Collaborative Music Experience

"Play" JAM in your favorite browser and with others. You choose an instrument and join a group to create tunes. This is some amazing work and very nice design and experience.

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JAM With Chrome | CreativeJS
JAM with Chrome is a super fun collaborative live music experience that has been keeping the internet pretty busy ever since it went live. Pick and instrument, invite some friends, and jam the hours a…

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Content First, means Content – First. 

Not design first, but consider the content important… 

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‘Content first’? Content left, right and centre!
Christiaan Lustig explains why content creation should be part of the design and development process

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Kinetic Sculpture Draws

Very nice motion capture of sorts to use human motion to drive abstract animations.

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On A Huge Video Wall, A Stunning Kinetic Sculpture Comes To Life
Over the next few weeks, Universal Everything will release a series of 18 videos shot at the Hyundai Vision Hall in South Korea. This is the first. And like most everything produced by Universal Every…

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Are price wars the future for Web Agencies?

"The culture of winning work at all costs forces good designers and developers to do bad things." Don't train clients to expect more for less, because then everyone looses and the work quality suffers. We need to make it easier for clients to understand what we deliver and how and how costs are calculated. Deliver more value with the same high quality deliverables to educate clients on what is good and why!

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Commoditising web design: is the price right? | Erskine Labs
A blog by the folks at Erskine Design

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Overhead Landscapes as Abstract Art

Using a kite and a camera in Iceland what else could you do? 

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A Kite-Borne Camera Turns Iceland’s Landscapes Into Abstractions
The word “landscape” in its modern form emerged in the Netherlands during the Golden Age of Dutch painting. The landschap painters of the 17th century depicted Holland as an atmospheric place, full of…

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nth Tester

Test your CSS nth selector with this nifty tool from CSS tricks

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Updated :nth Tester | CSS-Tricks
Just a quick post to note that I’ve updated the :nth Tester page to hopefully be a bit more useful than it was before. The purpose of the page is to learn

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Coding Hexadecimal Colors

Great overview on how to usefully understand hex colors and how to manage them.

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The Code Side Of Color | Smashing Coding
Pixels on back-lit screens are dark until lit by combinations of red, green, and blue. Hex numbers represent these combinations with a concise code.

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